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About Peggy Palmiter

Nothing in my life has ever been typical.  I have chosen to take a very nontraditional path in my career and my personal life.  Take a look and learn more about me.
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More Than Build it and They Will Come

Social Media is a conversation. You can set up your Facebook page, sign up for your twitter account, make your Linkedin profile and set up your boards on Pinterest. Then you make your videos and put them on YouTube.  But who will care? Who will read? Who will visit? And most importantly, why should they? The whole point of a social media campaign is to tell a story people want to hear. Your nonprofit organization, cause, or small business has a story. We help you tell it and find the people who want to hear it.

  • Facebook – Still Number 1 100%
  • YouTube – 2nd most popular search engine 85%
  • Twitter – tweets are building 70%
  • Pinterest – Gaining Ground 60%

Tired of trying to keep up with all those social media sites?

If you think you need thousands of dollars or a hundred staff people to have a successful social media campaign, we need to talk.

We know how to provide you with tools, techniques and tips to make your social media campaign manageable and successful!

Let us help you put it all together.

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