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I am a PhD social worker who has had a very non-traditional path in her life. The following list gives you a small idea of where my feet (and my brain) have traveled.

  • I am a baby boomer who was born in Western New York State
  • I had a father who always revered technology as a challenging partner
  • I received a Masters in Social Work in 1972
  • I bought my first Apple IIE computer in 1975
  • I worked with children and families for 15 years
  • I received my PhD in Social Work in 2000
  • I had a consulting practice for nonprofit organizations
  • I joyously taught and supervised professionals for 10 years
  • I worked for my profession in Washington, DC
  • I owned and operated my own photo finishing franchise – yes, there once were photos
  • I learned what technology giveth, technology taketh away
  • I work in design – print, web, photographic
  • I was my mother’s full time caregiver for 2 years before she died
  • I teach social work students about social media and social policy
  • I am still learning and technology is my teacher
  • Teacher 90%
  • Photographer 70%
  • Technology Lover 95%

Georgia State University

Part time instructor at Georgia State University School of Social Work.  We designed a master’s program elective on social media in nonprofit organizations – Social Media Tools for Community Partnerships.

Computer Whisperer

Technology training and support for the over 50 crowd.  We weren’t born using technology but we will not be left behind.

Web Design

Your Blog is your website – and it’s design is your brand.  Take a look at our work in WordPress.

Capture the Moment

All stories are a series of moments.  I capture the image – and capture the moment.

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