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In small nonprofit organizations or business interested in social media, resources are already stretched and there is no option for a full time Social Media Coordinator. In fact, social media is often additional work for your marketing associate, webmaster, or development staff.

I can help to support your staff as they move forward on a social media campaign. I work as a partner with your staff to build a social media presence that will advance your organization’s goals. That partnership can involve everything from training and advising your staff all the way to building your website, blog and social media sites.

I would develop a proposal tailored to your organization’s needs. But just to give you an idea of my services and rates, here are a few examples.

Blog and Website Design:
I design blogs and websites. I recommend a WordPress platform (reasons outlined in this post on our blog).
A full blog-site design is $750 to $1200, depending on design details.

Social Media Site Design:
There are significant differences between social media sites and they are changing all the time. I will design and customize a single social media site for your organization for $250. I offer a multiple site discount with 3 sites for $600 and four for $900.

Workshops and Seminars on Social Media

These are everything from “What is social media and why do I care?” for the organization’s stakeholders to “How do I do It?” for staff responsible for making a social media campaign work. A 1/2 day workshop is $400 and a full day is $750. There will be a page on my website for each workshop I offer, with additional links, materials and, if useful, videos.

I offer a brief, free consultation to determine your needs and how social media can promote your organization’s goals. We can talk in person, on the phone, or even skype if you are interested. This is one conversation I still have over the phone, so please feel free to give me a call.

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